by Lisa on February 1, 2011



Heading to the 1950′s this morning with these American diner pieces from Cola Red. We saw these guys last year at Grand Design Live, which you can read about here, and loved the authentic diner feel of the furniture. Although we’re not going for the 50′s theme in our place, I quite like the idea of mixing different decades together in our home decor so maybe throwing a couple of the coloured stools in the kitchen next to a more modern counter top would give an eclectic but very cool style to the decor.

If you’re really after something a bit unusual and quirky, these Chevy sofas should do the trick. They are very funky and if we were going down the 50′s retro path, they would definitely be on the list. Not only do they look cool but everything we sat on at the show was surprisingly comfortable, which is always a concern when you’re buying a ‘fashion’ piece of furniture.

Check out their site to find out more.

Of course I couldn’t do a 50′s inspired post without some musical fun, so sing-a-long and enjoy.

Images from Cola Red.

Psst: We’re not paid or perked to write any of our posts, we just really liked this furniture and thought we’d share it with you.

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