So after some very helpful advice from Benjamin Males I was off to explore the area of Shoreditch and it’s got that urban regeneration feel over rip it down and rebuild of Canary Wharf. So a little wandering through some lanes the first stop was the shop of Ally Capellino because of the range of bags in the window. Recently I did some posts of iPhone and iPad covers and we have been trying to find a good bag to carry the MacBook in without it looking like a laptop bag. Well I was shocked to see that the bags had proper padded areas in for the precious cargo and a padded bottom to the bag for when yu put the thing down. The use of waxed cotton and proper leather also made them stand out and in a couple of months they will be coming out with a heavy waxed cotton to be far more water resistant for those real winter days.

After that it was a few door down to Leila’s for some proper home cooked food. Asparagus and pea soup with home made lemonade. Yum. Open kitchen and honest food perfect for a good design stomach.

A little coffee before it’s off to SCP and look at the range of goods.

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