by Matthew on April 28, 2012


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We were wandering around the Finders Keepers market in Melbourne last weekend and saw these awesome little portable speakers or JukeCase’s. They are built into old suitcase’s and use old speaker parts internally as well as a bit of modern geek with battery back power and iPod connectivity.

Because all of the JukeCase’s are made from vintage suitcases, not reproductions, each are individually by made, by Son Valise. I love the idea and the execution but my only concern is the lack of protection of the speakers themselves, but if you’re going to buy one you will also look after it.

The Clementine above is so adorable being a twin case design they would sit very nicely in the middle of the blanket at a summer picnic.

You can read and see more over at Son’s website here.

Images from Son Valise

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